If you are currently experiencing a life or health-threatening emergency, immediately call 911 or go to the nearest emergency care facility.


Ridgewood Video Presentation

My Presentation to Kindergarten though 2nd Graders at Ridgewood Elementary School

Handout Information
After my presentation to the children, this is the handout that I send home with the children for the parents to read. Click to enlarge. Here is the link for both English and Spanish versions

Full Message from 911 Guy During The Corona Virus Shelter in Place Order

Channel 3 Redwood News Report

On the News KAEF Reports: Message from A 911 Guy

The Journal of Emergency Dispatch

 I was recently featured in an article of the Journal of Emergency Dispatch. Click here to read more. 

California Preparedness Day

 I gave a presentation for Preparedness Day in Old Town Sacramento
 North Coast News Profile


Redwood News interviewed me on July 4th, read more here.


I taught over 200 children in 22 classes in the course of 4 days

Addendum to video presentation to children
I now include a discussion about slurred speech in my presentations, since a teacher asked me about it. I thought it was so important that I made a separate video to point it out to you. Thank you for watching, please talk to your children about slurred speech.

Humboldt Bay Fire Open House Oct 2017
This years Open House was a great event. Click here to see more about it.

Hello, my name is Paul Nicholson,
THANK YOU for visiting my 911 education website. I am very passionate about teaching children how and when to call 911 for help. Around 2001 when my son was 5 years old, he saw me fall from a cement truck and I was taken away in an ambulance. Sixty days later he asked me why I didn't die. I told him “God was not done with me and I have things to do."
"My son told me he didn't know what to do in an emergency...
... And that really impacted me!"
He immediately asked me “What are you going to do and when will you be done." I told him I could not answer him right then and there but would let him know once I figured it out. Six months later I found the 911 Simulator at a Red Cross seminar and that started my passion for helping children help themselves and others.
So what can you do!
Children need to know how to identify their location including when away from home. Make sure everyone knows about 911 emergency service and they know their full name, address and phone number. Get involved with 911 education! Link to What Can I do?
Portable 911 Education Simulator

Other 911 Stories
Over the years I have heard stories from many parents and children that have encourage me to stay involved, I hope you read them. Link to 911 Stories
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