The following news and articles illustrate the value of  911 education for children.

Journal of Emergency Dispatch

The Journal of Emergency Dispatch featured me in an article.

California Preparedness Day
I gave a presentation in Old Town Sacramento on California Preparedness Day

Thank you Letter
I received a thank you letter from the Eureka Police Department 911 Dispatch Supervisor.

911 Heroes Awards 2019
I received the Educator of the Year award at the Capitol building in Sacramento.

A Visit to Freshwater
I spoke at Freshwater School and received some great thank you letters from the students.

Eureka City Block Party 
I demonstrated the Fatal Vision Goggles 

July 4th Event
I gave a safety awareness presentation in Old Town Eureka during the July 4th festival.

Open House 2018
I was invited to present at the Making Headway Center for Brain Injury and Recovery Open House in March.

Seat-belt Convincer Donation 2018
Donation to Making Headway Center for Brain Injury Recovery in honor of Isaac Rosser.

Presentation at the California State Capital 2018

Community Service Award given this January

Teaching Activity Update

Presentation at the California State Capital in April 2017

Quick Update: Progress at Dow's Prairie 

Local News Channel 3 story about Paul Nicholson, broadcast on December 2016. 
Paul retired on December 31, 2016.

Journal of Emergency Dispatch

The Eureka Reporter

Journal of Emergency Dispatch

other news 

Find more information about 911 Education at 911forKids.com911-for-kids is a national non-profit organization working to educate and protect children that is highly recommended.
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