Donation to Making Headway Center for Brain Injury Recovery

In honor of Isaac Rosser, I was able to have the $22,000 seat-belt convincer donated to Making Headway Center for Brain Injury Recovery in March of 2018. To read Isaac's story, please click here.

By simulating a low-impact collision, the Seat Belt Convincer can greatly impact how participants value the importance of wearing a seat belt. The system enables a passenger to experience the actual force generated during a 5-10 mph collision. After this experience, passengers realize the value of the restraint provided by the seat belt and gain a new respect for the protection that seat belts can provide.

The passenger enters the carriage at the top of the slide and buckles into the seat. Once the rider is properly fastened in the seat belt and its fitment is double-checked, the operator rotates the lever from the "return" position to the "convince" position. The secured rider slides down the track and collides with the front bumpers, safely experiencing a simulated crash. After impact, the rider exits the machine at the bottom. The Convincer is then returned to the top of the carriage in preparation for the next rider.

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